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Delicious & Nutritious

Welcome to the World

of Microgreens!

When was the last time you played with your food?

Many people today are bored with their diets, mainly because they lack taste, color and variety. Those that offer more are sometimes complex and time-consuming. This is the real challenge for busy families because nutrition is about balance and consistency.

BrightFresh delivers the Taste & Nutrition!

The first step to eating healthy is this: when food looks colorful and fresh, it tastes better! And with our Microgreens, taste never looked so good!

4-40x the nutrients of mature counterparts!

Microgreens literally pack a punch, containing  massive amounts of nutrition in their early-growth stage. This means a little goes a long way. What an easy, efficient and cost-effective way to get antioxidants, carotene, potassium, vitamins, and minerals in ALL your meals. Our goal at BrightFresh is to nourish your family; one Microgreen at a time.


Are you ready to refresh your meals?

We're here to help!




Diet Restrictions?

No Problem, with Microgreens!

In today's world, people are taking their health and wellness into the own hands. Research and science have never been more readily available, but this can be overwhelming and confusing. Which diets are best, and for who, and how can I keep them all straight? 

Keep it simple with Microgreens!

Mother Nature really does know best. Fresh, naturally-grown food in its purest form is what our Microgreens are all about. So, whether you're following a keto, paleo, vegan, raw or half-baked diet, adding Microgreens will increase your immunity, support your digestion and help you stay the course (whichever one you choose).

We’re here to support you and bring new flavor notes into your restricted dishes.


A high-fat, protein dense KETO meal wakes up with our flavorful, lush microgreens. Potatoes have new zing with Microgreens baked or sautee'd alongside. Salt restriction? Get your pepper notes from our Micro Arugula, or some tart notes from our Kale Mix. Add our Micro Cilantro to your omelets, stuffed avocados and bacon-filled treats. Our Chef's Blend will make your head and plate spin with its combo of colorful leaves and flowers!




Fresh n' Tasty!

Need something beautiful, nutritious, healthy and tasty added to your recipes? BrightFresh Microgreens are the solution to your plate! Our healthy and gorgeous Microgreens are sure to add crunchy textures, bright colors and intense flavors to your favorite dishes. Check out our products!




Better Taste From Better Light™

BrightFresh is a product of what happens when nature does its best work. Our Farm is located in the world's best climate for growing Microgreens. We enjoy year-round California sunshine, and the results mean year-round crops that are the brightest and freshest product.


Over 20 years of ingenuity and knowledge.


While others experiment with lighting and growing conditions, we are content to continue our tested farming and artisan growing practices to ensure our products are the healthiest, freshest and most flavorful.

This is BrightFresh Microgreen's promise to you and the reason why we are the gold-standard of quality.


Sustainably Grown Under Natural Sunlight

Honestly Grown™ is the way we do farming each and every day. It's a symbol of our partnership with Mother Nature. We believe in what we do, and we want to pass that guarantee and assurance onto you, our consumer.


Honestly Grown™ is not just a phrase; it's a standard of excellence we've set that guarantees you our best with every product, every day, every time.

Experience the BrightFresh Microgreens difference!


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