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Delicious & Nutritious

Let's Keep Up with Nutrition and a Healthy Diet!

A healthy diet doesn’t have to be boring.  The first step to having fun while eating healthy is to remember that when food looks good, it tastes better!  With our ten different varieties of microgreens, edible flowers and shoots, there is no shortage of options to beautify your food and smoothies, integrate bursts of flavor and add loads of nutrition (with just a tiny amount).  Their adorable looks easily make a meal feel and taste more special.

Microgreens can contain up to triple the amount of nutrition found in their respective mature veggie. This means a little goes a long way.  Think of where you would typically use certain vegetables and replace them with microgreens! Depending on which variety of microgreens you’re eating, certain varieties contain generous amounts of antioxidants, carotene, potassium, vitamins, and minerals that can help with digestion, gut health, cholesterol levels and prevention of common diseases.  Are you ready to refresh your meals?




Our microgreens are!

We’re here to support you and your journey with ketogenic meals! BrightFresh Microgreens provide you with essential micronutrients that are often forgotten about in keto meals. High-fat, protein dense meals can be exciting again with our flavorful, lush, and tasty microgreens. There are many health benefits of eating microgreens including reducing cholesterol levels that can become a problem with keto diets. Add variety and high levels of nutrition to your meals by replacing a typical salad with microgreens, adding them to your omelets, stuffed avocados and bacon-filled treats.


You can also add microgreens to all of your keto snacks (in between meals). Look forward to eating your hard-boiled eggs, cheesy snacks, or drinking your shakes!


Fresh n' Tasty!

Need something beautiful, nutritious, healthy and tasty added to your recipes? BrightFresh Microgreens are the solution to your plate! Our healthy and gorgeous Microgreens are sure to add crunchy textures, bright colors and intense flavors to your favorite dishes. Check out our products!




Better Taste From Better Light™

BrightFresh is a product of what happens when nature does its best work. Just like location and growing conditions matter in producing fine wine, it also matters in growing Microgreens. Here in sunny San Diego, our Microgreens and Edible Flowers soak up nature’s best rays. The perfect climate combined with the experience learned in twenty years of growing Microgreens means BrightFresh Microgreens are the gold-standard of quality.


Sustainably Grown Under Natural Sunlight

Other growers use unnatural artificial lights or grow in less than ideal climates and the results are not the same. Thanks to our natural sunshine and mild climate, BrightFresh™  Microgreens and Edible Flowers have thicker leaves and shorter stems, more vibrant colors and more BRIGHT, FRESH flavor.  When it comes to great cooking, it's all in these details. 


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