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Ghoulish Halloween Mini Pizzas with Micro Arugula!

In a few days, kids will be chanting, Trick or Treat!! What will you feed your little Monsters after they come home with a bag full of sweets? From popcorn balls to licorice whips, candy corn and wax lips, we'd like to offer a nutritious option to counter the sugar bombs that might otherwise put them in a Mummy-like sugar coma!

No offense to the Mummy’s out there, but most Mommy’s appreciate the help of a Good Kitchen Witch. According to folklore, the kitchen witch would bring good luck to the kitchen and ward off kitchen ‘disasters’, such as overflowing pots, burnt pastries and other culinary frights.

The only thing 'scary' about our BrightFresh™ mini pizzas is how quickly they will "POOF" disappear before your eyes, as kids and adults alike will scarf them down!

With just a few ingredients, you can create a personal pan pizza. And this includes our Micro Arugula! Let’s start with our Spooky Spider Mini Pizza:

Olive Spiders resting on Pepperoni beds never looked so tasty! These can be cut into smaller triangles or squares, depending on the age of your little monster. They're fun at parties and encourage kids to get creative and design their own pie. Meanwhile, Moms can rest assured that each pizza oozes with nutrition!

Next, all EYES are on this second version. Is it a Mummy face or an all-seeing alien with oozing eyeballs? Let your kids decide and scream with delight as they make their own signature Googli-Eyeball Pizza! We chose moz sticks, versus shredded cheese, so you can peel and cross each piece of cheese to look like a Mummy wrap. The bigger the piece the better it stays separated, but we didn't mind that ours melted into one blob!

When it comes to unique toppings, soft-boiled eggs might seem obscure until you think of all the protein and goodness they deliver. Be sure to cut the egg on the pizza so the yolk drizzles into each crevice of the pie. Use your own creativity to add similar ingredients to make face-shapes, like cut tomatoes or zucchini. We love how our Micro Arugula, with its bright green heart-shaped leaves lends a happy, vibrant note to both pizzas. You can't beat the flavor of this Italian herb and microgreen! And with so many choices, your little Ghouls will never run out of inspiration, or fun.

Please view this Recipe Video with your kids and make this pizza party a family affair.


  1. frozen or fresh mini pizza dough rounds - 6-12 ct.

  2. Olive Oil

  3. minced Garlic

  4. Garlic or Pink salt

  5. the juice from one lemon

  6. 1-2 cups Parmesan cheese

  7. Mozzarella cheese sticks - 6-10 ct.

  8. BrightFresh® Micro Arugula

For Spider Pizzas:

  1. Black olives

  2. Pepperoni, sliced

  3. Red pizza or pasta sauce

For Googli-Eyed Pizzas:

  1. (4) Eggs, soft-boiled

  2. 1 jar Pesto pasta sauce

  3. Red pepper

  4. Green pimento olives

  5. ANY other ingredient you or your kids want to add!


1. PIZZA DOUGH: Start with fresh or frozen pizza dough that's been thawed. We chose fresh. Brush each pie with olive oil, minced garlic, pink or garlic salt. Sprinkle with parmesan cheese.

2. Bake in oven at 350 degrees until lightly browned, about 4-5 minutes.

3. At stove, boil 4 cups of water. Drop in 4 eggs and boil for 2 minutes. Soft boiling varies, so make extra eggs in case they break or boil too firm, just in case! Be sure to give eggs an ICE BATH - then place in refrigerator; once cooled you can peel and leave at room temperature.

For Spider Pizza:

  1. Spread red sauce over pie

  2. Sprinkle with shredded Mozzarella cheese

  3. Drop a bed of Micro Arugula on top

  4. Layer pepperoni's on top of greens

  5. Cut Black Olives in half for spider body; then quarter half-pieces into long spider legs. Experiment by making different spider shapes and designs. We added green pimento olives for fun!

For Googli-Eyed Pizza:

  1. Spread Pesto sauce over pie

  2. Arrange a bed of Micro Arugula on top

  3. Peel Mozzarella sticks and lay strips criss-cross to create Mummy look; leave room in the center for the "eyes"!

  4. Take one soft-boiled egg and place it in the center of your pizza face. With a ridged knife, cut egg down the middle and let yolk ooze; then place pimento red eyes in center.

  5. Create your face: cut red peppers for mouth, green peppers for eyebrows or hair. It's your choice and your creation! We cut more green pimento olives in half and filled our pie with eyeballs!

  6. Add a fresh sprinkling of aromatic Micro Arugula! It's the finale to a great creation that isn't so scary after all. ENJOY!

Carve and serve.

We hope you enjoy these Mini Pizzas! Follow us on Instagram for more fun recipes, and don't forget to sign up for our monthly Newsletter - just scroll to the bottom of our Home Page for the link.

Live Well. With BrightFresh®

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