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Micro Arugula - Front.png

Micro Arugula


Micro Arugula has bright green heart-shaped leaves with an intense spicy flavor that is nutty & peppery. With just as much, if not more, flavor compared to the mature arugula leaf, it is a perfect flavor addition to meats, seafoods, salads and sandwiches!

Micro Beets - Front.png

Micro Beets


Micro Beets are harvested at the optimum moment for freshness. With its crimson red leaves and vibrant magenta stems, this heirloom variety has a subtle earthy beet flavor that will surely add hearty flavor and visual pop to various dishes. Use Micro Beets on seafood for dramatic contrast, paired with steak and veggies, creamy pasta sauces, or simply with veggies like carrots and radishes.

Micro Broccoli - Front.png

Micro Broccoli


Eating Micro Broccoli is just like eating full-sized broccoli! You’ll be surprised at how much it tastes like the mature broccoli floret. Micro Broccoli has tiny dark green leaves full of anti-cancer-causing agents. Our all time fave is using Micro Broccoli in our pasta and salads! You can pretty much use this anywhere you would normally use fresh broccoli!

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Micro Kale Mix - Front.png

Micro Kale Mix™


Micro Kale Mix™ is a delicious assortment of different Kale varieties! All the crunch, flavor and colors in tiny leaf form. It is less bitter and slightly sweeter than the mature version. Micro Kale Mix™ goes well with mixed vegetables, such as broccoli, brussel sprouts and collard greens. Toss it in a salad or puree it in your smoothies! It also works well on top of dark meats or stir-fries.

Micro Rainbow Mix - Front.png

Micro Rainbow Mix


Our most popular item! This is versatile, intensely flavored mix is a combination of herbs & greens, including Arugula, Kale, Broccoli, Radish, Amaranth and more! It’s tasty as it is colorful and the many colors, shapes, textures, flavors and aromas make this mix truly special. Float on cream soups, top steaks and sushi to create a deliciously fresh flavor and eye-catching presentation. This is an absolute beauty on avocado toasts and hearty salad bowls!

Micro Watercress - Front.png

Micro Watercress


Micro Watercress flaunts eye-catching circular leaves and a strong peppery & spicy flavor. Ready to eat raw, our micro watercress creates a stunning bed for steaks and seafood or as a spicy kick in a green salad or grain bowl. Use our Micro Watercress on a prosciutto sandwich or serve with soft goat cheese, cucumber, basil, balsamic vinegar, and heirloom tomatoes for the perfect Caprese.

Micro Cilantro - Front.png

Micro Cilantro


Micro Cilantro is a tiny attractive herb boasting an intense cilantro flavor! The beautiful and bright leaves add extra appeal than the average cilantro herb. Use just a couple of leaves to add an abundance of flavor to appetizers, soups, salsa, sauces, Latin and Asian dishes. It is extremely versatile and a great topping for seafood or meat dishes!

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Microgreens Salad copy.jpg

Microgreens Salad

Microgreens Salad combines sunflower greens, pea greens, and radish greens. This perfectly proportioned combination provides a ready-to-eat salad base that blends a lovely fresh and crisp flavor profile of sunflower and pea greens with a spicy radish finish that is the perfect building block for a delicious and nutritious salad or as a bed for your favorite home-cooked protein.

Green Pea Shoots_Front.jpg

Green Pea Shoots


NEW! Our newest item, Green Pea Shoots, offer a fantastic and sweet crunch that can be used with anything! They make a great ingredient for stir-fry and they always taste great raw. Mix it into a fresh salad or include it as a healthy side with steak, seafood or chicken. We especially love munching on Green Pea Shoots as a healthy snack paired with fruits!

Micro Mustard Mix copy.jpg

Micro Mustard Mix


Micro Mustard Mix features a medley of mustard greens with various flavors, colors, and shapes that is versatile in any home kitchen. This mix creates layers of mustard flavors, from intense to spicy to sweet and earthy, that pair excellently with pork and poultry dishes. The combination of mustard greens provides a visually stunning color combination to any meal and is sure to be a hit when served alongside hearty meats and grilled seafood. Add it to grilled stone fruit for a spicy delight.

Micro Wasabi new.jpg

Micro Wasabi™

Micro Wasabi™’s attractive bright green leaves are bursting with spicy flavor and taste just like real wasabi, just milder. It even clears your sinuses! It is the perfect addition to sushi, nigiri, hand rolls, and many other Japanese dishes. If you want to add a spunky kick to your food, this is the Microgreen for you!

BrightFresh _ Micro Radish Mix.jpg

Micro Radish Mix


This colorful and flavorful mix of Micro Radishes will blow you away! If you like the original radish vegetable then you’ll fall in love with Micro Radish Microgreens! The sharp flavors will surely go great with tacos, on top of savory rice dishes and even your sandwiches! Throw it top of steak or have them mixed into your fresh salads.

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