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Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Who can resist ordering the appetizer egg rolls with a Chinese take out order? No one!

There’s nothing like the savory aroma and crunchy texture of a warm eggroll with all those juicy vegetables inside. So we made it our task to find a recipe that savors the flavors of a traditional eggroll but without the carbs or fried component. We added some special seasonings to keep it authentic, plus the new twist with our Micro Wasabi™ Microgreens. What a perfect fit!

Our Micro Wasabi’s™ attractive bright green leaves are bursting with spicy zing, just like fresh wasabi, only a tad milder. They add flavor and bulk to this recipe while staying true to the anticipated ‘eggroll’ flavor. In fact, Micro Wasabi™ is a perfect addition to sushi, nigiri, hand rolls, and many other Asian dishes. Let's gather ingredients and get started!

For this recipe, the secret is to sauté everything on low heat until fully marinated, then eat warm, like a stir-fry. Each one of our seasonings is key to flavor complexity, and you won’t miss the fried wrapper, we promise!


Large mixing spoon

Utensils: spoon, fork, knife

Smaller serving spoon

cast-iron skillet

Knives: smooth/serrated

Garlic mincer (or buy minced canned garlic)


Sesame Oil – 2 tbsp.

1 cup Red Cabbage

1 cup Green Cabbage

½ cup Shredded carrots

Ginger, freshly minced – 1 tbsp.

Sesame Seeds: black and golden – 1 tsp each

1 cup Broccoli florets

½ cup Green Onion chopped

¼ cup Red Onion chopped

½ cup fresh Micro Wasabi™

Coconut Aminos – 1 tbsp

Nori Komi Furikake seasoning - 1-2 tsp

VEGAN spicy ranch dressing - 1-2 tbsp


1. Heat Sesame Oil in large skillet over medium heat

2. Chop Veggies: broccoli florets, green onions, red onions and toss in skillet.

3. Shred cabbages and carrots, and sauté in skillet

4. Add: minced garlic, cashews and coconut aminos

5. Sprinkle in sesame seeds, Micro Wasabi and Nori Komi Furikake

6. Reduce heat and cook 5 minutes, folding often.

7. Serve up in a Bowl with choice of vegan dressing.

8. Sprinkle remaining chopped green onions on top and top with Micro Wasabi™

Health Note: If you have diet restrictions, this recipe is perfectly vegan and low carb too!

Keep in mind, this recipe serves 4, so feel free to double up!

And if you're visual like us, here's a fun, quick Recipe Video to give you the flow :)/

Please check out all our delicious recipes on this page and learn how easy it is to incorporate Microgreens into all your home cooking.


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