Refreshing Micro Kale Mix Microgreens Smoothie

Updated: May 14

We love how easy it is to make this extra nutritious kale microgreen smoothie. This quick and easy vegan and paleo friendly smoothie is the best way to get all of your daily nutrients. Microgreens can have up to 40x more nutritional value than mature veggies. Have this as your breakfast smoothie or a quick and refreshing thirst quencher throughout the day.


1 large handful of BrightFresh Micro Kale Mix microgreens

1/2 cup of fresh Pineapple

1/2 cup of fresh Banana

1 handful of fresh Spinach

1 cup of Almond Milk

Add all the ingredients into your blender and blend! You can add more or less of each ingredient depending on your taste preference. It never hurts to add more microgreens!

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