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Some people say there are as many avocado toast recipes as there are stars in the sky. We say perhaps, but there's still room for one more. Our Avocado Toast with Micro Beets is like nothing you've ever tasted, and in a world of endless toast options, that's saying a lot.

We live for choices and this simple breakfast can become your go-to routine. You know, the kind of breakfast you can drum up in a hurry, before coffee, with your eyes still at half-mast.

We start with whole-grain sourdough bread from @PragerBrothers artisan breads. The sourdough is crunchy on the outside but soft and sweet on the inside with a hint of tanginess. Ask your local bread bakery for their best sourdough bread!

Next we go for California avocados that are ripe but firm. This allows for a neon-green, smooth texture that's easy to cut. Be ready with your salt and pepper here because the avocado takes it in and the flavor is insane. Like the beloved avocado, black sesame seeds are a source of good fat and potassium. Plus, they add visual flair to well, everything.

Fun facts about our Micro Beets: we grow them year-round, but the seeds are seasonally grown, so one is more amaranth red, the other more leafy green and red. This summer's crop is the fluffy, red and green variety, which is the WOW factor that makes this avo toast so yummy. We admit, it does turn this innocent toast into a full-blown breakfast meal, but maybe that's what you're after. Imagine getting full and starting your day on such a healthy and nutritious footing.

Please check out our short recipe video here. You'll see why this recipe deserves to be lifted up and shown off against other breakfast toast creations!


Specialty bread, your choice

1-2 avocados

1/2 red onion, paper-thin sliced

Salt - Himalayan preferred for its extra minerals and iron

Black Sesame Seeds

Lemon squeeze

butter, your choice, we like Irish and ghee butter

BrightFresh® Micro Beets


1. Toast bread on an open flame. Flip when golden and brush with butter. Set aside.

(Sure, a regular toaster will do, but this is more rustic, and fun!)

2. Slice Avocado in curves pieces, like you would an apple.

3. Cut red onion in half. Put face down and cut super thin slices.

4. Plate Up:

Place bread on plate, butter side up. Arrange avocado slices, overlapping slightly.

5. Arrange red onion slices on top of avo, as much or as little as you like.

6. Sprinkle with salt and black sesame seeds.

7. Load up each piece of bread with our Micro Beets.

8. Finish with a squeeze of lemon. Voila!

For a list of stores that carry our BrightFresh®, click the link on our Home Page. If they don't carry our Micro Beets, please speak to a Produce Manager and tell them you want Micro Beets!

We hope you enjoy all our microgreen varieties and seasonal favorites!


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