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10-Layer Mexican Party Dip with Micro Cilantro

Holidays are around the corner; what appetizer will you bring to the party? We have the answer here with our delicious and quick-n-easy 10-layer Mexican party dip with Micro Cilantro!

How many times have you gone to a party and are tempted by all the high-carbs? It's hard to say no, but at BrightFresh®, we pride ourselves in offering recipes that are cleaner, greener, and meaner (healthier)! That's why you have NO reason not to try this 10-layer dip at your next get-together. Just look at these fresh ingredients!

We even include an optional sour cream and Mexican seasoning spread that adds real zing! But the star of this party is our Micro Cilantro for its crunch and aroma. And with Halloween around the corner, it's super easy to transform this dip into a Jack-o-Lantern face. We chose organic blue chips that are sturdy and green pimento olives for eyeballs!

After snacking on Halloween candy, kids need a protein boost to keep their "Monster" at bay. That's why we included two types of beans and cheese. The result is a hearty and satisfying dish that guests won’t be able to keep their claws out of. And as you can see, this recipe makes10-12 servings, but if that's not enough, feel free to double. Just make sure you have enough chips!

As you gather ingredients, take notice that we've provided healthier alternatives because some brands do it better! But these are just our choices, so feel free to make your own.


1 12oz can Refried beans (we like A Dozen Cousins of Whole 365)

1 12 oz can Black beans (try Amy’s organic low-sodium)

1 8oz tub of Sour Cream (Nancy’s organic is great) mix with: Taco seasoning mix: (Siete mild spice or classic Ortega has a 40% less sodium version OR Mateo’s is all natural ingredients!)

1 8oz tub of Guacamole (Cabo Fresh is amazing)

16 oz bag of 3-cheese shredded Mexican cheese (Tillamook or Sargento are still great go-to)

2-3 Jalapeno peppers

2-3 Tomatoes, chopped

2-3 Scallions

1 8oz can Black olives (optional green pimento olives)

1 clamshell of BrightFresh® Micro Cilantro


Choose your casserole pan: a square glass pan or ceramic festive one; this dip cannot be transferred later, so you will bake in the dish you’re going to serve it in!

1. Gather all your ingredients. Strain the refried and black beans.

2. Chop fresh veggies: tomatoes, scallions, black olives and Jalapeno peppers. Set aside.

3. In a small bowl: mix together sour cream and Mexican seasoning packet.

4. Spray serving dish with olive oil to avoid sticking. You'll be glad later that you did! With a spatula, start layering in this order, smoothing out each layer evenly:

  1. Refried Beans

  2. Guacamole

  3. Black Beans

  4. Jalapeno Peppers

  5. Chopped Tomatoes

  6. Spread a smooth layer of the seasoned sour cream

  7. Micro Cilantro

  8. Shredded Cheese

  9. Black Olives

  10. Scallions

  11. More Micro Cilantro!

7. Bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes; look for bubbling and browning.

8. For Halloween only: put blue chips on top of dip to make a jack-o-lantern. Give him hair using blue chips, or buy some fun Halloween props to make your dip stand out.

9. Serve straight from the oven. Add a side basket of chips! Serve dip with a spoon because it's too thick for most chips.

We hope you enjoy this Mexican Party Dip as much as we enjoyed making it. Here's our short video doing just that! Enjoy it too, and let us know how this dip works for you!


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