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Tikka Masala with Paneer and Micro Cilantro

We are always looking for recipes that embrace the use of microgreens, and this one is a winner! We chose a traditional Indian dish because India is known for their use of herbs and knowledge of spices. For many home cooks, recreating authentic Indian recipes can feel intimidating. So we've solved the task of putting together fresh ingredients in a simple recipe and using Bebes All Natural Tikka Masala sauce; an amazing sauce that brings all the flavors to you in one jar!

Tikka Masala is traditionally built around chicken, but we wanted to experience the flavor and texture of paneer cheese. Paneer is usually grilled as a skewer, but we found it to be surprisingly easy to saute in the spicy Tikka Masala gravy. Using our Micro Cilantro is a no-brainer because it infuses cilantro aroma and flavor into the sauce and we daresay, stands up better that full grown cilantro. There's no cutting off stems here! Best of all for you, it's an easy dish to make with 3-4 main ingredients and none of the stress. And we can't think of anyone who doesn't want a stress-free quick but authentic recipe.

We first spotted Bebe's All Natural Sauces online, happily tossing our Micro Cilantro all over their main course dishes, showing a true appreciation of the herb. And now after creating and making this dish, we too have a great appreciation of their authentic, thoughtful sauces!

Finding recipes with fresh cut ingredients is obviously nutritious, but it also keeps things affordable. In this dish, everything is built around three main vegetables; peppers, onions and Micro Cilantro. The protein component here is paneer, but you can also go traditional and choose chicken. And for the carb-component, Indian rice adds a deep texture that stands up to the sauce in a hearty, fall way. And we are all ready for hearty, savory fall dishes!

To get your juices flowing, watch our recipe video that shows you how it's done. After that, check below for the Ingredients List - and don't be surprised at how short and easy it is!


1 tbsp. Olive Oil

8 oz. cubed Paneer Indian cheese

1 red pepper

1 orange/yellow pepper

1 green pepper

1 medium yellow onion

1 cup Micro Cilantro

½ cup Bebes All Natural Tikka Masala sauce

¼ tsp kosher salt and black pepper

1 cup Indian basmati rice

Naan bread for dipping


1. On a cutting board: chop all 3 peppers and onion.

2. On medium heat a skillet: drop 2 tbsp. olive oil to simmering, then add chopped veggies. Stir until soft, then lower heat. Add Tikka Masala sauce, cover pan and simmer 5 minutes.

3. At cutting board: cut Paneer Cheese into cubes. Uncover skillet and add to skillet. Stir for 1-2 minutes, then reduce heat. Add more sauce, then add some Micro Cilantro and fold.

4. Prepare the rice of your choice. Several are available, even microwaveable options.

5. PLATE UP: Start with a bed of rice and pour Tikka Masala mixture on top. Finish with a fresh dollop of Micro Cilantro.

Servings: 4

Enjoy this recipe all year, but especially this Fall when you want to warm the bellies and hearts of your family!

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