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Red, White & Blue Cheese Burgers with Microgreens

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Summer months are the perfect time to spark up the grill and have get-togethers with family and friends. What's equally fun is finding new recipes that delight your guests and take you further down the path of flavor. We believe that adding new ingredients, like microgreens, are just one way to refresh recipes, like the classic burger. For this recipe, we've designed two burgers that get the added flavors of Micro Wasabi™ and Micro Watercress!

We call them the Red, White & Blue cheese Burgers, in celebration of July 4th, but you can grill them any time of the year. Burgers go great at picnics, camping trips, family reunions, or just about any occasion you have hungry mouths to feed. This first burger has a gluten-free bun and the kicky crunch of our Micro Wasabi™!

Grilling preferences run the gamut, from grass-fed beef to turkey and beyond-beef patties to the 85% lean ground beef we chose. It's okay to choose a beef with more fat content when you're grilling outside; it helps prevent dryness and keeps the patties juicy. Speaking of juicy, our Micro Watercress on this second burger is a burst of watery freshness and a nice texture component!

This recipe does double-time on every ingredient, from cheese, buns, condiments and yes, microgreens varieties, so there's a burger for everyone. So whether you like your burger spicy or refreshing, there's something here for everyone!

Take a look at our short Recipe Video and get spice-inspired:


2 lbs. ground beef, 85% lean

burger buns: we chose one gluten-free and one pretzel bun

Peppers: red and yellow

Sharp cheddar cheese

White Havarti cheese

blue cheese crumbles

Patty seasonings: salt, pepper, garlic - whatever you love, perhaps a pre-mixed all spice version

Condiments: ketchup, mustard, mayo

BRIGHTFRESH® Micro Watercress and Micro Wasabi™


1. Peppers: place on an open flame and grill for 5 minutes; rotate so all skin is lightly charred.

2. Place in bowl, cover with plastic wrap and steam for 10 minutes. Next, peel off skin. Slice to remove stems and seeds, then slice into strips. You'll need 2-3 strips for each burger.

3. Burger patties: in bowl, mix in ground beef, salt/pepper/seasonings and mold rounded burgers. Size should be a tad smaller than the palm of your hand.

4. Set grill to high heat. We treat surface with a pam spray. Then grill each side 4-5 minutes. Less for medium-rare.

5. Lower grill heat and add cheese. This recipe makes four burgers, so add sharp cheddar to two burgers and Havarti cheese to the other two. Let melt about a minute.

6. Time to build your burger; here's how we made our two versions:

  1. GF bun burger has: brown mustard, Havarti cheese, yellow peppers, blue cheese crumbles and Micro Wasabi™ microgreens.

  2. Pretzel bun burger has: spicy ketchup, Sharp cheddar cheese, red peppers, blue cheese crumbles and Micro Watercress microgreens.

Don't forget the SIDES!

Suggestions: Potato Chips, fresh fruit, macaroni or potato salad, carrot and celery sticks with ranch dressing, salad with strawberries or stone fruit and nuts. For drinks, try homemade lemonade, sparkling sodas and frosty popsicle.

ENJOY all of our BrightFresh® Microgreens varieties. To find a store near you, just click the drop down menu on our Home Page.


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