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Back 2 School Bento Boxes & Microgreens are a Perfect Fit!

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Back to school means Back to Bento! Are your kids bugging you to come up with exciting, fun lunches yet? Or are you hustling to make something that rivals the less than perfect food at the school cafeteria? Well don't sweat it! We've got you covered with these colorful bento box lunches that use two of our STAR microgreens - Micro Broccoli and Micro Kale Mix™.

We're here to make lunch easy but also nutritious. We start with a healthy, full-proof shopping list that lasts all week, and beyond. The key is making one trip to the grocery store and getting all the different ingredients you need for one week. Many of these are pantry items that get well over a dozen uses per jar, so feel good about making this investment.

Another "staple" on your shopping list can be BrightFresh® Microgreens. In this shoot, we used Micro Broccoli and Micro Kale Mix™ because both varieties are loaded with nutrition that can help keep your child alert and sharp during the long school day.

When making a Bento Box, it's okay to change your mind. You may find that the squishy fruit rope you imagined would bend into a smiley face just doesn't work. So the first couple times is all about experimenting and finding ingredients you love, like our BrightFresh® microgreens! They can be added to sandwiches, or make a salad with raw veggies and dressing. Kids love compartments, so make sure to add small items in tiny containers that will engage them and create a fun lunchtime routine.

Ham & Cheese cut-out sammie with Microgreens!

Grocery List:

PB and Jam

celery sticks & raisins

cheese sticks, sliced cheeses

Pirate's Booty or similar popcorn carrot sticks, pickles

crackers, corn nuts, fish crackers

Nutella spread

ham, bologna, turkey

gummy bears, seasonal treats

fresh seasonal fruit

apple sauce or fruit cups

Condiments are King: choose mayo, ketchup, mustard, relish. Buy tiny tupperware and small compartments to refill!

BrightFresh® Microgreen varieties

Breads: soft varieties work best!

Cookie Cutters: Yes, grab all your holiday cookie cutters, metal works best.

Tiny note cards - make a week's worth in advance (5), use colored markers and add shiny sticker stars or hearts.

What else will you add to your Bento Box?

If this still sounds overwhelming, take a breath and watch our Bento Box video that lays it out, step by step. Pause if you like, or watch it with your kids and get their creative energy flowing!

Similar to trends like Mine Craft, which was adopted as a teaching tool at many schools, the Bento Box trend has an educational component you can lean into. Find out what your kids like most and make Bento Boxes together! If you can't manage Bento Boxes each day, devote 1-2 days per week to making them the night before. BrightFresh® and all its varieties are here for you to brighten them up. We believe food is meant to be created, celebrated and savored with each other, so open this door for you and your child to bond over food. It might just make a lasting impression!


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