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BrightFresh® MicroGreens are Honestly Grown™ in San Diego, California, the world’s best climate for producing MicroGreens. MicroGreens are small, young edible greens produced from the seeds of vegetables, herbs and other plants. They are carefully hand-harvested at the peak of flavor and their delicate, fresh appearance adds beauty, dimension and a range of distinct flavor profiles to savory and sweet dishes like duck tacos, berry tarts, grilled pizzas and even beverages!

Being Honestly Grown™ means that our MicroGreens are grown with top-quality care under bright, natural sunshine, which produces larger, robust leaves, thicker/short stems, deeper color, more intense flavor and exceptional shelf-life. Other growers will grow in a less than ideal climate and/or grow under artificial lighting, which takes a toll on the quality and flavor, and produces long, stringy stems and small leaves. In MicroGreens, the nutrition and flavor is in the leaves, not the stems.

BrightFresh® MicroGreens are the gold-standard of quality.  The perfect climate in which they are grown, harvested, and packed and our company’s experience in growing MicroGreens provide the highest level of food safety in the business.  Our farm is certified for food safety by Primus Labs and we are a signatory to the California Leafy Green Handler Marketing Agreement. BrightFresh® MicroGreens is a small family farm that is proud to be accountable for food safety. Our small family farm is audited several times a year by third party USDA-trained inspectors. 

Whether you are a private chef, at-home cook or passionate foodie, BrightFresh® MicroGreens allow you to elevate any dish with restaurant-quality MicroGreens and brighten up your culinary creations!