Elevate Tuna with Micro Cilantro Microgreens!

Updated: May 14

For your next Keto dinner, try this easy recipe with healthy amounts of protein and veggies. Pan fry a savory piece of yellowfin tuna with asparagus and cherry tomatoes and add a delicious helping of Micro Cilantro on top. Micro Cilantro adds enormous flavor and a very fresh element to your dish! Feel like an elevated home chef when you use our microgreens on your meals!


Canola Oil


Salt & Pepper

1-2 cuts of Yellowfin Tuna

1 batch of Asparagus

1/2 cup of Cherry Tomatoes

1 fresh Lemon

1 handful of BrightFresh Micro Cilantro


Wash Cherry Tomatoes and slice them into small halves

Wash Asparagus and cut to your size preference

Slice your lemon in half, cut the other half into slices for plating later

Heat up your pan and coat with Canola Oil

Place Yellowfin Tuna, sliced Cherry Tomatoes, and Asparagus onto pan and squeeze half a lemon into the pan while everything is frying.

Add salt & pepper to the pan.

Cut two small slices of butter and place over Yellowfin Tuna

Grate lemon zest over the top.

Cook until tuna is well done.

Transfer to plate and add a handful of Micro Cilantro on top!


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