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Easy Omelets for a Breezy Morning

Popeye had it right all along...👊⁠ The first meal of the day is so important, but time is a commodity. That's why we love pairing our BrightFresh Microgreens with Sprouts ready-made Omelets. It takes the fuss out of morning nutrition and get this - it takes less time to prepare than a cup of Joe!

Choose from Ham & Swiss bites or Turkey Sausage and Red Pepper. Both match well with our Micro Kale Mix. Add a cold-pressed juice and your mornings will zing!⁠


Simply microwave each bite as indicated on package. Cover with a paper towel to keep moist. Then sprinkle our Microgreens on top and enjoy superfood nutrition in each bite.

Keep it simple and fresh, and get on with the day!

Be Well. Live Well. With BrightFresh!

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