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Upscale your Quick & Easy Dinners Using Microgreens!

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Italian magic in the kitchen doesn't have to take days (no offense Italian Nonnas!). Shop the frozen section to find Sprouts Farmers Market dinner starters, like this one, Gnocchi Alla Sorrentina. What used to take hours now requires about ten minutes! Take the next easy step to give your dish a plant-based power-up with our Micro Arugula Microgreens. Fresh, hand-picked and packed with flavor, it's sure to have Nonna's stamp of approval.

Microwave or pan saute, it couldn't be easier! Feel free to add other ingredients like sliced mushrooms, olives or fresh tomatoes for more flavor (or to extend the number of servings). Our Micro Arugula is bold and fragrant, whether it's sitting on top or mixed in, you get antioxidants in every bite. Your family will be satiated and nurtured!

BrightFresh Microgreens are in Sprouts Farmers Market's nationwide. Pick up a package today, and stay tuned for more recipes exploring the world of BrightFresh Microgreens!


Live Well. Be Well. With BrightFresh Microgreens.

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