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Elevate Sprouts Farmers Market Delicious Boxed Dinners with BrightFresh Microgreens

Perfect for Wellness Wednesday or any day of the week you're looking for a quick & nutritious dinner entree.

Truth is, the middle of the week is a time when we could all use a helping hand in the kitchen. Time is short, and most people would rather relax with loved ones than come home from work and cook all night.⁠ That's why we love pairing with these nutritious boxed dinners, so you and your family can enjoy a dinner that has super taste AND superfood status.

This week, we chose Sprout's Chicken Mole with Cauliflower Tacu Tacu. It gives you 13g of protein under 400 calories, and it takes under 15 minutes to make. Add our microgreens, and the nutrition goes through the roof! ⁠Rest assured, you're giving your family deliciousness, plus the nutrients they need to get through the week.


Sprout's box dinner (many varieties) We chose: Chicken Mole with Cauliflower Tacu Tacu.

BrightFresh Micro Cilantro


Box Dinners have options. Either microwave for 4 minutes (peel back film 1-inch), OR cook in oven:

Preheat oven to 375 F.

Remove film from tray and replace with foil.

Place on baking sheet and cook for 25 minutes.

Both methods: Let stand for 1 minute to cool.

Plate up and top with a grip full of Micro Cilantro. Feel free to add more into dish to add flavor, especially with Micro Cilantro, one of our most aromatic microgreens.

Wellness goals accomplished! ENJOY!

Remember, at BrightFresh, we want you to⁠ BE WELL. EAT WELL. LIVE WELL WITH BRIGHTFRESH!

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