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Australian Wagyu Steak with Micro Arugula

There's an old saying that 'a way to a man's heart is through his stomach'. One thing we are sure of is that there are lots of ways to express love, and food is a great place to start!

With Father’s Day around the corner, it’s time to plan that special day in a special way. Yes, restaurants are opening up and it's great to support your local community. But one bright light about the past year is that Home Cooks are on fire and having a moment! So maybe this is the year you decide to show your prowess behind the grill-slash-skillet and make a real impression on the “Father” in your life.

Sometimes opposites attract in the food world, which is why we chose this mighty steak to go along with our light, peppery Micro Arugula. Greens/fiber help aid in digestion, which is important with high amounts of protein, so this combo creates a balanced meal that hits all the nutritional markers. We’ve also included a side of grilled veggies and beer to round out this Father’s Day feast because, why not?!

We start at the top with the best cut of beef available – the legendary Wagyu Beef. Wagyu beef can best be described as having a genetic predisposition to incredible marbling of fat inside the muscle tissue that no other livestock has (read LUXURIOUS FLAVOR here). It began in Japan but has extended to other parts of the world. Our friends at Second City Prime have some of THE best cuts of meat in the world, so naturally, we begin with their finest Australian Wagyu New York Strip, 14 oz. 7+ marble score. Click on the hyper-link to visit their website and you’ll see there are dozens of options at every price point.

In the world of grilling, the best method for this cut of meat includes Reverse Searing. Once you learn it, you can feel comfortable cooking any cut of meat. It's as simple as turning on the oven and firing up the grill, but we know you like visuals. That’s why we made this wonderful video, so you can return to it often, no matter the occasion or the cut of meat. And maybe you'll begin to see and understand why including microgreens in all your meals is so important. What a wonderful, delicious gift to give the man in your life!

See the video here and more pics below. It's time to get searing!


14 oz Wagyu Steak – Second City Prime cut with 7+ marble score

Safflower oil or canola oil or sunflower oil (high heat oil for searing)


Garlic cloves

Thyme sprig

1 red pepper

1 yellow pepper

2 green zucchini's

Olive oil for basting

1 pkg BrightFresh Micro Arugula


  1. Take meat out of refrigerator and let it rest a minimum of ten minutes prior to being placed in oven to reverse-sear. Preheat oven to 250 degrees. While it warms, season steak with Second City Prime’s steak seasoning. Be sure to cover all sides and edges.

  2. Cook meat until internal temp reaches 115 degrees (for a medium rare steak) (125 degrees for medium cook). This may take about 40 minutes. (the steak will look gray - don't be afraid!)

  3. Meanwhile, prep your veggies how you like them. If you like Kabobs, cut peppers, zucchini and onions in 2” square pieces. Toss in a mixture of olive oil, garlic salt and pepper. Then spear pieces onto kabob sticks. Or if you grilly like us, just cut your veggies longwise, toss them in olive oil and let the grill do the rest!

  1. Warm you skillet to medium heat and drizzle oil in pan. Grill veggies for 5 minutes, flipping kabobs (or pieces) to cook all sides. Set aside.

  2. Check on your steak. Is the temp at 115 degrees? If so, pull it. Note: steak does not have to "sit" when reverse-searing; it can be placed into your hot skillet immediately.

  3. up your skillet. (you can use the same skillet as for the veggies).

  4. Once it's fiery hot, throw down the garlic pieces, thyme sprig and butter. Watch it sizzle! Then place your steak in the middle. Using a spatula, press down on the steak so all surface areas touch. That's the trick to proper searing!

  1. Do the same for all sides, including edges. Use a fork if you have to to balance the steak on each end, searing and sealing in the juices.

  2. Cut meat away from bone (if there is one). Then cut steak into long thin pieces. Get fancy and fan them out on a plate to show your guests how beautiful it looks and tastes (and that you are an official reverse-sear grill meister!

  3. Sprinkle our Micro Arugula on top of meat. Choose pieces (2-3) and plate up with kabobs, veggies and maybe a side dish. We recommend baked potatoes, wild rice or turn it into a salad! Either way it's gonna be a delicious, memorable meal that Dad won't forget!

Be Delicious. With BrightFresh!

Inspo credit goes to Second City Prime and us!

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